New project, new video. Ariston Nuos Plus Heat Pump


For the launch of the new heat pumps Nuos models, Ariston, a leading company in the thermal comfort field, chooses Bottegacinema for the realization of a new video product.

The Nuos models are conceived as an energy-efficient alternative to traditional electric storage water heaters and the video purpose is to tell the characteristics and functionality.

The video beginning is dedicated to the technical project birth of the product in 2D. Then we see some elements that through the 3D technique materialize until the Nuos Plus acquires its total three-dimensionality and finishes forming.

The video continues with the product set inside a restroom and then it focuses on the product internal parts to illustrate how the it works. The 3D scenes alternate with image bank clips to make the view more pleasant and not just technical. The final scenes illustrate the Nuos range with a focus on the different products versatility that are part of it.


In this type of video, the 3D technique use allows to create precise and technical three-dimensional animations able to clearly explain all the processes and technologies that would be too complicated to words. Three-dimensional animations turn even the most complex processes into engaging adventures offering a unique experience for the audience. The more you can simplify the presentation of the product, the more it will be understandable even for those who are not an expert. Presenting the product with an animated 3D video speeds up the understanding process by greatly improving leads, information requests or even sales.