The first video produced by Bottegacinema related to the CReIAMO PA – Ministry of Ecological Transition is online


Sogesid S.p.A., as an implementing entity, has commissioned the in-house company of Ministry of Ecological Transition, Bottegacinema, to create 4 videos on Environmental Assessments.

Bottegacinema won the bid and was awarded the mandate for the production of the 4 animated videos to be created under the activities contemplated by Line of Intervention LQS1 “Actions to improve the effectiveness of EIA and SEA processes for programs, plans and projects” of CReIAMO PA Project “Skills and networks for environmental integration and improvement of PA organizations”.

Within the CReIAMO PA Project, the Line of Intervention LQS1 operates to improve the ability of the administrations to effectively and efficiently carry out Environmental Assessment procedures. Operating in response to the following needs: ensuring the application of uniform criteria throughout the national territory, the quality of the processes and their interrelation, ensuring the certainty of times, transparency of administrative action and citizen participation, increasing the levels of information sharing on procedures, on the status of the works and on the outcomes of monitoring activities.

Bottegacinema has internally created the creativity of the video by developing the characters of Vale and Ambra. The two introduce the themes covered: the more curious Ambra asks Vale, who is more aware of the subject, to explain the Environmental Assessment processes to her. Bottegacinema has used various editing techniques, including the video motion graphic technique.

The 2D animated characters of Vale and Ambra introduce the themes covered in the video and then give way to interventions by members of the scientific community and sector technicians. The animations of Vale and Ambra are interspersed, as well as by the interventions of experts, by the use of Voice Over which performs the task of technically illustrating the topics covered. To integrate the new material produced, audiovisual material from events already carried out by UTS LQS1 and audiovisual and photographic material available at the Regions, Autonomous Provinces, and stakeholders was also used.

The audiovisual products aim to disseminate the principles behind Environmental Assessments and to illustrate their processes through interventions by representatives of the scientific community and industry experts.


Executive Producer: Tommaso Pratesi

Project Manager: Zoe Giudice

Copywriter: Antonio Pinter

Art Director: Francesca Pratesi

Videomaker: Francesco Matera

2D Animation Director: Massimo Montigiani

3D Animator: Stefano Schiavi

Compositor/Motion Designer: Francesco Biccheri

Editing: Davide Santi

Voice Vale: Barbara Rizzo

Voice Ambra: Ginevra Fenyes

Voice Over: Alessandro Smorlesi