A new video for Ariston Thermo’s 90th Anniversary

Ariston Thermo anniversario 90 anni

This year recurs the 90th anniversary of Ariston Thermo Group, a moment that represents an important milestone for the company. Its history, in fact, begins in July 1930, when Aristide Merloni founded Industrie Merloni in Fabriano: since that moment, the company, also through a process of strong internationalization, become a global leader in the thermal comfort sector.

For 90 years, the Group’s goal has been to make the world more comfortable and even today this lasting commitment has been renewed: Sustainability, Excellence, Customers, People and Integrity are the principles that have guided and will continue to guide growth and achievement of Ariston Thermo’s goals in the future.

The 90th Anniversary was celebrated all over the world through many initiatives and the video made by Bottegacinema summarizes the vision and mission of the company in a few minutes, focusing on the historical figure of its founder.

Ariston Thermo 90 anni

The Ariston Thermo logo, that beats like a heart, begins a journey into the history and memories that brought this company to its current fame. Through the assembly of video sequences and animations created in computer graphics, the video develops in different sections that celebrate the most important moments and the greatest achievements of these 90 years. The voice over accompanies the story explaining the objectives and values ​​that distinguish the work of an Italian company famous all over the world.
Bottegacinema is pleased to have made this video in its entirety (creativity and production) to celebrate a milestone that underlines how made in Italy represents an added value within the world market.