Ariston Group, today the debut on the stock exchange with a video designed and created by Bottegacinema


Today arrives in Borsa Italiana Ariston Holding NV (ex Ariston Thermo Group), head financial of the well-known group of appliances and the heating, controlled by the Merloni family.
Ariston is present in three sectors: thermal comfort (with boilers, heat pumps, air conditioners, water heaters), burners and components (mainly resistances and thermostats). The group operates mainly with Ariston and Elco global brands, and manages leading national brands such as Chaffoteaux, ATAG, Racold, Heatex, NTI, HTP, EcoFlam and Thermowatt.

One of the goals of entry on Borsa Italiana is to find resources to support and develop the additional growth of the group, “we want to be a reference player of solutions for sustainable comfort in hot water and heating,” said the President Paolo Merloni. Sustainability, which will be towing on the Borsa Italiana, is a company’s must since 2018 reached 72% of revenues with highly efficient and renewable products saving over one million CO2 thanks to the latest sector more sustainable, such as heat pumps, thermal solar or hybrid solutions.

To celebrate the day, two videos made entirely by Bottegacinema (creativity and production) were projected inside the conference room.
epertoire that retrace the history of the company (photo of the Merloni family, advertising posters, television spots, company staff videos). The focus of the video is on the credibility of the brand, emphasizing its history and all those who have contributed to the birth and growth of the company.

Instead, the second video projected in the conference room is dedicated to the future of the company that aims to sustainability and an increasingly green vision in the realization of its products. Ariston Group in recent years has indeed placed energy efficiency at the center of its sustainable growth strategy.
Both videos have widespread success by contributing to the celebration of an important milestone for the company.