Bottegacinema and AGPD together for inclusiveness


The AGPD association places at the center of its action the person with Down syndrome, supporting it throughout the course of life, from birth to adult life, so that it can as much as possible self-determination choosing its own life path. The goal of the association is to support over time people with Down syndrome so that they can express their maximum potential and can reach the highest levels of autonomy and social participation, in full respect of the characteristics of each.

AGPD constantly pursues the relationship with the territorial network and services on the territory, in such a way that individual support can be lowered as much as possible in the social dimension and can be applied to each individual in connection with the territory in which he lives and/or works. It also contributes to the maintenance of a network of associations capable of actively acting in the construction and dissemination of an inclusive culture.

Bottegacinema supports the AGPD association in projects for the inclusion, respect, dignity and autonomy of people with Down syndrome, making its contribution and participating enthusiastically at the AGPD Charity Gala Dinner.

To celebrate the 40 years of activity, social struggles and cultural achievements of the association AGPD took part in the Charity Gala Dinner single supporters, several characters of sport and entertainment including Enrico Bertolino, Esteban Cambiasso, Alessandro Cattelan, Ivan Cordoba, Gigi Datome, Elio, Ghemon, Saturnino, and Javier Zanetti, as well as many other companies that have decided to support the association, including Intesa Sanpaolo, Banca EuroImmobiliare, LinkedIn, Eataly, LVMH, Decathlon, Dual spa, Master Group Sport and Crédit Agricole.