Mediakey and the Production protagonists: interview with Zoe Giudice


Addressing the covid problem with impetus. Advertising production companies reflect about agencies and large media groups have begun to produce. There is more competition.


Tv Key: 2020 has produced significant changes. Several production houses have diversified greatly by including other areas close to the commercial in their activities. How has the activity been characterized
2020 of your production house?

Zoe Giudice: In 2020, we saw a significant growth in requests for CG video, especially 3D, and a decrease in shooting.
However, this is a phenomenon that was already happening lately and probably increased with the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Especially in product and corporate videos, CG is taking over with techniques that produce increasingly realistic renders. Also in our case, to adapt to market requests, there has been a need to improve CG techniques by refining the final performance.

Tv Key: Among the various formats with which to diversify yours activity, branded content, web series, digital and social content, which ones are most suitable for you?

Zoe Giudice: Branded content activity is definitely the one we are most congenial to.
Specifically, for some of our long-standing clients we made some videos in which the objective was to convey and consolidate the values connected to their brand, thus increasing its awareness. The relationship established over the years and the deep knowledge of their industry allowed us to create mood videos where the vision and mission of the company were enhanced.

Tv Key: What have been the most important projects carried out by your production company recently?

Zoe Giudice:

During the first half of 2020 we were engaged in a project for the new products relase in print and digital catalog of a major client of ours, producing about two hundred photorealistic renders and four videos totally in CG/3D.
In autumn of 2020 we won a tender to produce a Kinder Ferrero TV commercial.
Given the restrictions related to Covid it was not possible as usual to guest the client and agency on the set, but through a video channel sharing system we were able to have all stages of production and live action monitored remotely on the set.
At the end of 2020 we worked on some videos, again in CG, for a large virtual convention called by one of our clients for the 90th anniversary of the company and to publicize the plans 2021 marketing.

Shooting spot tv Kinder creamy
Whirlpool immagini DOS

Spot TV: Ferrero ‘Kinder Creamy’ (agency: Ferrero Pubbliregia; director: Roy Raz).

Product video: Whirlpool ‘Dishwasher’
(agency: WPP-Geometry; director: Bottegacinema).

Tv Key: What do you think of this first part of 2021 and how do you think the second half-year spot market can develop?

Zoe Giudice: The companies that are suffering from the crisis of this period have been pushed to look for new, cheaper systems to advertise themselves or to promote their product, relying on low-cost micro-businesses, and many times against the final product.
In this first part of 2021, the effect of the pandemic has probably confirmed the contraction in advertising investments, postponed to the beginning of the second half, with the gradual return to stability, the planning of new communication campaigns with the relevant pre-Covid production standards.