Not only video, but also 3D photorealistic rendering for catalogs

Whirlpool immagini DOS

Whirlpool, one of the largest manufacturers of household appliances, relied on Bottegacinema for the creation of CGI images and 3D renderings to be included in their catalogs.

Whirlpool immagini DOS

The request arose from the need to present the new dishwashers on the 2021-2022 market. The use of 3D technology has often exceeded the demand for old photo shoots, related to the difficulty of updating the interfaces and aesthetics of the products, certainly more immediate with the GC.
Catalogs, brochures, stickers and flyers in both digital and paper format are the main uses in which these 3D images were inserted during the product launch from September 2020.

Link: Brochure Dishwasher Whirlpool