On air on Sky the first TV advertising campaign of WIIT Group produced by Bottegacinema


Source: sito Mediakey

Logo Wiit

WIIT S.p.A., one of the main European players in the market of Cloud Computing services for businesses, focused on the provision of continuous Hybrid Cloud and Hosted Private Cloud services for applications criticism, presents the new logo and the new pay-off.

The launch coincides with the Sky Tv on air , starting today, of three TVC (WIIT first institutional campaign).

In the 25 years since its foundation, WIIT has always maintained a coordinated image that testifies values such as elegance, professionalism and reliability.

The new logo, signed by Caleidos, the communication agency that created the first and historic WIIT logo, perfectly reflects the new positioning of the Group. The lines, essential and decisive, tell of a solid, ambitious and aware company. The characters of the past give way to a new uppercase lettering that conveys the distinctive features of the company without sacrificing elegance. The colors, which have remained unchanged, guarantee the continuity with the past.

In addition to the restyling of the logo, WIIT has also created the new pay-off, which well represents the vision and the will to act as an excellent Cloud Provider for the most important Italian and international companies. The old pay-off “The Private Cloud” is transformed into “The Premium Cloud” which places the emphasis on excellence and service levels that in WIIT, by definition, are “Premium”.

The new logo launch is accompanied by SKY on air of  3 tv commercials during 15 seconds each. The new institutional campaign arise from the desire to increase the awareness of  WIIT brand towards the general public.

The 3 commercials on air tell about commitment in ESG (very important theme for WIIT)

The commercials, made by Bottegacinema with creative development and direction of Enrico Lanari and music by Giovanni Spinelli, composer for cinema, TV and theater, are characterized by a calm tone of voice. The emphasis is on sound rather than on image; there is a female voice, which underlines the importance of the women role in WIIT.

The images are simple but at the same time powerful because they testify, in a historical moment like this, the serenity we aspire and to which WIIT tries to contribute.

Alessandro Cozzi, CEO of WIIT commented: “In this first advertising campaign we have chosen to focus on our“ why ”and our philosophy, rather than telling what we do or how we do it. We  want to be enablers of sustainable transition, offering digital services that contribute to revolutionizing the world where we live and work and that have a positive effect on people, society and the environment. All this in accord with the new logo and the new pay-off “The Premium Cloud” which expresses WIIT’s desire to offer excellent services for our customers “.