Bottegacinema and VMLY&R for the new Vorwerk air purifier


At the end of May Vorwerk company, leader in the direct distribution of household products, launched a tender for the creation of a promotional campaign dedicated to the new Folletto AP 260 air purifier. The tender, won thanks to the creative idea of VMLY&R Commerce and the demos produced by Bottegacinema, aims to create a video to support the launch of this new product capable of neutralizing the main sources of domestic pollution, responsible for allergies and more common respiratory and health problems.

The video, structured in two parts and accompanied by a voice over, describes the quality of the product. In the first part we find an interaction between video clips and computer graphics which highlight what could be the elements captured by the new Purifier, which with a game of particles dissolves the negative factors in the air.
In the second part, 3D is used to describe the innovative five-phase filtering system of the air purifier. Thanks to the combination of the filtering stages, the AP260 is able to remove up to 99.97% from all airborne particles including the 12 most common viruses and bacteria.



Production House: BOTTEGACINEMA
Executive Producer: TOMMASO PRATESI