Bottegacinema and MASE – The new video Human Health in Environmental Assessments


Vale and Ambra continue their Environmental Assessments world discovery as previously announced in the 21/09/2022 article and in the 14/12/2022 in the video “Human Health in Environmental Assessments” for the Ministry of Environment and Energy Security.

When designing and building anything, it is important to take into account the impact on the environment. It is essential to assess the health effects of human activity on the population and consequently decrease the population’s exposure to environmental risk factors due to human activities.

Animazione 2D video Salute Umana Vale e Ambra

It is precisely Environmental Assessments that are a valuable tool for ensuring effective integration of environmental and human health impacts.

Animazione 2D video Salute Umana Vale e Ambra Milano
Animazione 2D video Salute Umana Cartina Italia