Badiani, the Florentine ice cream exported abroad


After the opening of the Badiani stores in London, the promotion of the Florentine ice cream brand among the best known in the world continues with the creation of 4 new videos that export the Italian character of our product. Enrico Lanari, creative and director in the panorama of corporate production, has created a series of ironic videos, where the inspiration of consuming ice cream sometimes collides with unusual, sometimes uncomfortable or even misunderstood aspects, to also tell the sense of the game that unites an implicitly good product with a dutifully “inspired” “sense of the moment”. Each video is made from 6 or 7 shots, simple and composed.

Subject “Bathtub”
A young woman from behind enters the bathroom, takes off her bathrobe, ready to enjoy a relaxing bath. You see her profile relaxing for a moment, just for a moment. Finally we see her full-length, intent on eating her ice cream in a moment of perfect relaxation.

Subject “Vespa”
Eating ice cream on a Vespa is on the verge of absurdity, the wind melts the ice cream and presumably stains those who try to eat it. A couple on a Vespa, where there are those who drive and those who, sitting in the back, try to enjoy something irresistible.

Subject “Confessional”
A lady kneeling in a confessional murmurs something to the priest. Very close-ups of her, also framed from behind the grate, who murmurs, but it is not clear what she is saying. Then a wider shot, as if it were a split screen, we see the priest intent on enjoying his ice cream making hisses and noises of approval. But he is not responding to what the lady says, he is busy enjoying his cup of ice cream spoonful by spoonful.

Subject “Dinner”
In a panoramic terrace overlooking the city, four friends are having a cordial dinner: tight close-ups, smiles, happy expressions, close-up of a plate and a glass of wine. At a certain moment the shot widens and we discover under the table a child with a sly look, intent on eating his ice cream. Undisturbed by what is happening above him, he enjoys this moment while the adults are busy with their dinner.


Creative idea: NEAEIKONA
Production house: BOTTEGACINEMA
Set Disign/Styling: GIULIA MARCUCCI
Post Production: BOTTEGACINEMA