Caseificio Busti launches Fettedì with a video produced by Bottegacinema online on web and social networks

Busti packshot

Caseificio Busti, one of the major producers of Pecorino Toscano at national level, presented, during a press conference, the new line of cheeses in 100% recyclable paper trays. It is called Fettedì and was born from the family’s desire to invest in eco-sustainable projects to protect the environment.
Its offer is therefore expanded, also entering the free service market. The line consists of five different delicious variations of pecorino including pesto with Genoese PDO basil, saffron and truffle.
These are ready-to-eat slices of cheese, free of preservatives and produced exclusively with Italian milk from rigorously selected farms from a controlled and guaranteed supply chain.


To promote this new line of products, Caseificio Busti relied on the creativity and direction of Enrico Lanari supported by the production house Bottegacinema. Davide Santi joined Enrico Lanari as director of photography.
The commercial was shot inside the Busti store in Acciaiolo and features a working mother who finds in the Fettedì a quick, tasty and ready-made solution for the whole family’s dinner.
The slogan “Antiche ricette, in comode fette …” closes the film with the new product range presentation.

Creative idea: NEAEIKONA
Production House: BOTTEGACINEMA
Director of photography: DAVIDE SANTI
Set Design/Styling: GIULIA MARCUCCI
Post Production: BOTTEGACINEMA

Set Busti