Kinder Creamy TV commercial, remote set in live action

Crew shooting Kinder Creamy

During these months of restrictions we have organized  the handling of video productions remotely controllable by connecting clients and agencies with the set in real time.
If they cannot be on site, they can follow the footage in streaming, giving everyone the possibility to participate in the shootings from anywhere. The opportunity to operate this new type of remote collaborations took place during the filming of the TV commercial of the new Ferrero product: Kinder Creamy in December 2020.

For the well  know reasons it was not possible, as in normal conditions, to host client and agency on the set, but through a video channel sharing system we were able to have monitored all phases of the remote production. The point of view of the camera was shared and therefore every framing shot, being able  then to  comment  the scenes in real time with directions and suggestions. Always in real time and during production, through webcams on the set, the customer was put in the position to see every aspect related to the project such as the scenography, the lights of scene, the selection of the costumes / outfits of the actors, as well as discussing and deepening any subject directly with the director and the producer as if everyone were present in the same place.

Bolt on set shooting Kinder Creamy

Another special element of the set of the Kinder Creamy TV commercial was the use of the Bolt ™, strongly wanted by the director Roy Raz, which we had the opportunity to test to shoot some scenes where it was necessary to pass, with a very rapid and fluid movement, from a wide-field view to  a detail of the product. This made it possible to limit the number of video ciak to shoot, reducing the number of the actions due to camera movements , focusing only on the acting of the actors (adults and children), preventing the repetition of the scenes due to wrong camera movement , while the action was right.
The Bolt ™ is the fastest high-speed “Robot Camera” of its kind, as it is the only one capable of capture video sequences with sharp focus that would be impossible by hand or with any other method (unless many attempts are made). The Bolt ™ adds a completely new perspective to filming, whether we talk of commercials, movies or television.
One of the most innovative and specialized areas in which such a highly evolved system is required and with specialized personnel, is that of Motion Control even with the use of shooting in High Speed.

Monitor set shooting Kinder Creamy

This system allows us to cover fields of use ranging from filming for the table-top to stop motion up to situations of special visual effects (vfx) where a millimetric precision is required to obtain identical and automatic repeatable movements.
Finally, with great satisfaction, we discovered that our video production was the first Italian live action production to be followed remotely by Ferrero who, until now, had never given up on the presence of their own contacts on the set. Despite the difficulties of the period, our work continues in different situations, sometimes more complicated, always putting quality and attention to the client in first position.


Production House: BOTTEGACINEMA
Executive Producer: TOMMASO PRATESI
Director: ROY RAZ
Director of photography: STEFANO MORCALDO
Post Production: BOTTEGACINEMA